Saturday, September 10, 2011


I didn't get much work done on the campaign this week – I've started a new job late this August and have been training for it. I've been too tired most days to do anything afterward. So to make up for this lack of activity I decided to spend most of today working on the game – in particular on the two sub-levels, the Ssu spy post and the Tunnels of Lukdrinnektu's Spawn, that I mentioned in my last post.

When I arrived at Battleground I set up my books and papers and mapped out the spy post and tunnels, but when I started to stock the Ssu lair my efforts felt forced and weak. I was completely uninspired, and gave up after only filling half of the keyed locations. I was a bit ticked at myself for this, since I hoped to get a lot done today.

Driving home, I thought about this bout of writer's block. At first I thought maybe I was dry because I was simply tired. I stayed up late last night and was woken up this morning by men cutting down trees in my neighbor's yard. Thinking on it a bit more, I ultimately decided I wasn't so much tired but that I was tired of working on the Pits of Foreign Daring. I've all ready invested a week's worth of effort on this particular Underworld, and I simply want to work on something different. So I'm going to but these two sub-levels aside for now. I plan on returning to them, but only after I finish up some more plot-oriented scenarios and actually run a session or two of the game. I'm also considering folding these two areas into Level 2 of the Pits when I start prep that area in the future, instead of having them as separate and isolated sub-levels. This may make it easier to construct and stock them. At the very least I hope working on something different may reinvigorate my enthusiasm for these two areas when I return to them.

Hopefully this decision will speed things up and allow me to start recruitment for actual play within the next two weeks.

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