Saturday, September 3, 2011

An Encouraging Response

As of right now, my current intention for this experiment is to run it as a house campaign for my friendly local gaming store, Battleground Games and Hobbies. Earlier in the week, when I visited the store to start the groundwork for the game, I discussed it with the owner. Derek, a lover of old school gaming, was quite enthusiastic and promised to promote the game when I'm ready to start.

In addition, I've had two of the store's patrons ask me about the campaign. When I'm working on a campaign or adventure I usually write it up over at Battleground, since it has fewer potential distractions than my home, plenty of open space, and a fair number of gamers who enjoy being used as sounding boards for ideas. Friday, as I was writing up parts of the main Underworld that will be open to starting characters, I had a gentleman come up and ask me – a little incredulously – if I was actually working on a Tekumel game. I told him that I was, explaining my plans, and inviting him to participate when I finally got things off the ground. He seemed quite pleased, so I think I have at least one player for when I start up.

Today I had another gamer come up and ask me how progress on my games were going. Again I explained my current plans, and while he wasn't familiar with EotPT, he seemed intrigued by it. So as of right now I have some hope that I may have a good initial turn out when I start the campaign in a few weeks.

Also encouraging is the response I've gotten to this blog. I made a mention of it on the Tekumel Yahoo Mailing list that I've lurked on for years and got three comments and three followers right off the bat. Here I was thinking I'd be lucky to have three followers and a handful of comments after a few months' worth of postings, if I managed to keep the blog going for that long. Thank you all, and I hope you find what I write about here to be of some interest.

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  1. That's a wonderfully simple but effective way to advertise your game plans. I've never thought of doing that (planning AT the hobby store I will run at). Thanks for posting this.